Matt was an aspiring artist from an early age. His love for drawing started with classic cartoons and comic strips. It wasn’t until his late teenage years that his passion for art turned to tattoo related imagery. He began working at a tattoo shop at the age of 18 cleaning the shop, sterilizing equipment and setting up appointments.

“That is where my love for the art of tattooing grew into a profound respect for the craft and the deep beautiful history that came with it!”

After several years working in the industry and tirelessly working to grow as an artist, he decided to jump in with both feet and started the long process of being a tattoo apprentice. Since then, it has consumed his life and has become not only a career but a complete lifestyle. His respect for the industry as a whole, along with his fellow artists and clients who trust him was his driving light.

Aside from being a tattooer, Matt spends every minute of his free time with his two children and beautiful wife. However, he will be a proud tattooer till the day he dies.

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