Our Culture

Reverence for the Craft

The Reverence Culture

We are often asked why we chose to name the shop “Reverence Tattoo”, and for us, the answer is in the definition…



A deep respect for someone or something.

To regard or treat with deep respect.

We live in a society where all that seems to matter is convenience, popularity, and money. It’s easy for artists and craftsmen of all kinds to get lost in the chaos. The essence of being an artist is to create. At Reverence, we believe every tattoo should be created organically and applied skillfully. From the front desk of our shop to our building’s architecture and décor, you can feel the authenticity in everything that we do! 

At Reverence we pride ourselves not only on our art, but on our character as well. Every employee we have has been hand selected because they are good artists and good people. We are a family-oriented shop and business. We treat each other like family as well as our clients; in fact, many clients have become lifelong friends of ours. The key to our success is living and creating in peace and gratitude, and at reverence you can feel that the moment you step through the front door. 

Artist’s Highlight